Shoo Flies Natural Bug Repellent

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Shoo Flies Natural Bug Repellent


I originally created this insect repellent as something to use when I was out foraging in the woods, where the bugs can be overwhelming! Working on the farm at dusk is no picnic either. After giving a few to friends who raved about it, I was encouraged to add it to our Weathertop line of natural body care products. I use witch hazel as it is calm and gentle on your skin, and organic avocado and essential oils because why put chemicals on your skin when you don't have to? Avocado oil is soothing and great for the skin, and has a small amount of natural SPF. The EO blend is a very effective insect repellent and smells fabulous too!

** notes on insect repellent** Yes, this contains oils. And even organic oils can stain some really fragile fabrics, so be careful what you spray it on. But, the good news is that since it is all natural, just go ahead and spray it on your skin!

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