All Classes include the presentation & home made organic lunch (except plant walks)

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We are currently accepting applications from herbalists who would like to present for the 2019 winter season. Please contact us for more information!

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Got tons of produce from the garden and don't know what to do with it? Keep hearing about fermented foods and how good they are for you, but don't know where to start? Want to eat healthier but all that stuff is just so dang expensive?Join us for the day and attend our summer workshop! We will learn about fermentation and how to make live-culture foods from around the world, including:
Farmer's cheese
Herbal ferments
Come get some culture! Class will be from 9:30 until 3:30 and will include a local lunch featuring the foods we will be making! $40 per person includes recipes, class time, and lunch REGISTER HERE

Aviva Rabins has been experimenting with and teaching classes about live-culture food and drinks since she learned how easy it was 10 years ago. Her motto is: Let the bacteria do the work! When she's not watching jars bubbling in her kitchen, she is working as a clinical herbalist and attending nursing school in western Massachusetts.

Seasonal Plant Walks: Wednesdays in July and August $20

Have you ever wanted to know more about medicinal plants, fungi, and herbs? Did you know that many common culinary herbs also have well known healing properties? Join Weathertop Farm’s Kate Miller as she takes you on a 2.5 hour walking tour of the herb garden and discusses numerous plants and the roles they play in traditional herbalism. We will keep the class size small, capped at around 10 people, so we can have plenty of time for discussion and answering questions. Pick a date from the drop down list, and after your payment i will send you a ticket/receipt. Just bring that with you to the class, along with something to write with and a binder or book so you can take notes as we walk. I will give you a handout with an overview of many of the plants we will be discussing so you can take notes. We start at 10:00am sharp and go until 12:30pm. 

We will be talking about common plant allies such as: yarrow, knotweed,hawthorn, willow, mullein, St Johns Wort, motherwort, lambs quarters, nettles, plantain, burdock, dandelion, sumac, raspberry leaves, rosa rugosa, blackberry root, spruce tips, garlic mustard, and many more.

3.18.18 Incorporating Herbs into Everyday Life 10:30am-2:30pm

Accessible Herbalism- Aviva Rabins

This class will cover common and inexpensive herbs found in your grocery store, garden, or yard and ways to make them into simple household medicines. 

 Aviva Rabins has been trained as a Western clinical herbalist at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine in Ithaca, NY and at the Blazing Star Herbal School in Ashfield, MA. She believes in empowering people through choices in health care, integrating traditional knowledge with modern medical science, and the power of plants to heal. She is currently working as a clinical herbalist at the People's Medicine Project in Greenfield, MA.


Stress, Sleep, and our Herbal Allies: Drea De Vraie

Let's explore stress and sleep in relation to our health.  We all know that optimum health and happiness are intricately connected to our management of stress and our acquisition of adequate sleep and rest.  What's happening in our bodies and in our lives?  What can we do when we've lost our balance?  How can herbs and lifestyle bring us back into alignment?  We'll look at common disturbances and discuss herbal remedies that are in abundance.

Through a love affair with nature and plants and a passion for health-care and empowering people to take healing into their own hands, Drea came to study herbal medicine at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine in 2014 and just finished an apprenticeship with 7Song in 2017.  Drea grew up in the rolling hills of Oklahoma, traveled all over the desert and mountain West, and fell in love with the springs and forests of Tennessee before settling in the Ithaca area for a spell.  Drea's passionate about growing, wildcrafting, and making herbal medicine, working free mobile clinics, and usually enthusiastically jumps on an opportunity to be at the center of attention.


4.8.18 Kitchen Witching 10:30am-2:30pm

Fire in Your Belly: Making Fire Cider and other Infused Vinegars, and Herbal Pesto's: AC Stauble

Food is medicine. Food is delicious. In this class we will focus on accessible foods that can be made into nourishing and tasty items to keep in the kitchen. We will make a spicy infused vinegar called fire cider and discuss other herbal vinegar and oil infusions. Fire Cider is an excellent immune tonic that can be used as salad dressing, marinade, for flavoring cocktails, or taken by the spoonful to ward off colds. We also will make a delicious pesto using greens other than basil that we can spread on bread and pasta or mix into a salad dressing with fire cider. This is a hands-on class and which will engage all of our senses. Everyone will leave with a little fire cider and some handouts. 

AC has been cultivating her relationship with plants, growing and studying herbs for over 6 years. Incorporating herbs into foods and teas to be consumed on a regular basis, which she lovingly refers to as 'Kitchen Witching,' is her favorite way to share herbs with her community. AC has traveled the country in her mini school bus apothecary gathering plants, working at some farms, serving up big pots of free tea, and sharing medicine the past few years under the name, The Traveling Herb Farmer. 

Let Your Soda Be Your Medicine: Herbal Ginger Beers: Claire Brodhead

.Did you know that sodas can be healthy and even medicinal? When you add the magic of lacto-fermentation to the power of herbs, wonderful things can happen! In this hands-on class, you will learn how to make a basic non-alcoholic ginger beer using simple lacto-fermentation techniques. Then, Claire will show you how to super charge your sodas using medicinal plants. There will be a little bit of history, science, herb lore, and lots of tasty drinks to try!

Claire has been studying how to work with plants for self-reliance and the greater health of her communities for more than eight years. She has a B.Sc in Sustainable Food and Farming from UMass Amherst and is a recent graduate of the Northeastern School for Botanical Medicine. Claire is an herbalist who enjoys the alchemy of home fermentation. She has a passion for sharing her enthusiasm and skills with others.


4.22.18 Fungus Among Us 10:30am-2:30pm

Magical World of Medicinal Mushrooms: Shannon Garity & Natalie Rathbun

This class will cover 7 different mushrooms with a focus on Reishi, Chaga, Turkey Tail, Maitake and Lion's Mane. Students will learn how to best extract the medicine of each mushroom. In this class we will also discuss the individual actions and affinities each mushroom has on the body.  We will cover some of the benefits these mushrooms have on our bodies and the environment based on scientific studies and personal experience.

Shannon is a vegetable and herb farmer, aspiring herbalist and mushroom demystifier. She has worked with a variety of mushrooms in the past 3 years, making medicine for herself and her loved ones. She is passionate about making mushroom medicine more accessible, sustainable, potent, and palatable. Natalia is a farmer and herbalist who has worked on organic census agriculture in both the US and Costa Rica. An apprenticeship in 2016 brought her first interactions and experiments with medicinal mushrooms; which were furthered during Natalia's travels in Paraguay. 

Growing Mushrooms at Home: Kate Miller

This class will start with a brief discussion on the ethics of wildcrafting, followed by a hands-on interactive demonstration of how to drill and plug logs with Shiitake spawn. We will then demonstrate how easy it is to grow mushrooms on sterilized blocks and talk about some of the basic pitfalls.

Kate Miller is the owner and founder of Weathertop Farm LLC. Kate has an MA in Sustainable Development and has studied environmental activism with Vandana Shiva in New Delhi, India. She has been farming and wildcrafting herbs and fruit for the past eight years, and has a thriving business making herbal fruit concoctions that she sells at markets and in various stores. Kate was looking for a deeper understanding of her herbal practice and attended the clinical herbalist program at Northeast School for Botanical Medicine studying under 7Song in 2017. Her goal is to make Weathertop Farm a place where a variety of practitioners can teach and share their knowledge with the people. 


5.6.18 Family Fun Day on the Farm 11am-3pm

**kid friendly, but not kid required**

Free Child's Admission with Each Paid Adult!!

Wild Plant and Tree Identification for Beginners: Nikki Nease

Join this class for a playful opportunity to learn about plant and tree id through games and group activities. Beginners looking to understand the key botanical concepts that will allow them to develop basic search images for wild plants, trees, and forest types/landscapes, can expect energetic, hands-on engagement that is especially suitable for young persons with an accompanying adult (ratios should not exceed a 1:1, buddy-system). It is recommended, but not necessary, for folks to bring their own copy of the Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide.

Nikki Nease is a Homesteader, Maple-Sugar Farmer, and Lay-Herbalist in Halsey Valley, NY, near the Susquehanna River. She loves identifying and learning about wild plants and trees, and sharing her excitement for the world. Nikki became a new, stay-at-home mom in January, and she’ll begin supplementing income in the Spring of 2018 by teaching small, intimate classes, including the topics of Plant ID, Home/Community Herbalism, and Primitive Skills.

Planting Herbs for Beginners: Courtney Underwood and Tori Tranchina

A beginner class to introduce some easy to grow, commonly used, medicinal herbs for the garden. In this class we will discuss a few herbs that are easy to grow- what they are good for, how to use them, and how to grow your own! This will be a hands on experiential class where we will get our hands in the dirt and sow some seeds for your own personal garden.  You will have the opportunity to gain the skills to plant and care for seeds and the knowledge to use the plants when they are ready for medicine. Each person will leave with a starter pack of seeds to care for and enjoy all summer long. All supplies included. 

Courtney is both an herbalist and farmer. She has a small farm in Genoa, NY where hops and herbs grow.  "I really love planting seeds, watching them grow, taking care of the plants, and then using them to care for friends, family, and community".  Tori has been farming in the Northeast for the last two years, is an herbalist and has a small batch herbal product business called WoodFolk Botanica. Tori and Courtney will be partnering this season to grow herbs together.