Cocktail lovers gift pack

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Cocktail lovers gift pack


The perfect gift for the cocktail lover or soda streamer in your life! This gift pack combines a bottle of Hibiscus Ginger Switchel, your choice of a fruit and herb mixer syrup, and your choice of a bitters. All you need to make the cocktails of your dreams! All are made with organic ingredients, many of which are grown on our certified organic farm, and are made in small batches to ensure the highest quality. Comes packed in a gift box with several recipes to get you started on your favorite new drinks!

Syrup choices include: Organic Blackberry Tulsi, Organic Blueberry Lemongrass and Ginger, or Organic Pear with Vanilla Bean and Black Pepper.

Bitters choices are: Orange Elecampane, Cardamom Scented Hawthorn and Hops, and Elderberry Rose Juniper.

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