Turmeric Ginger Switchel


Turmeric Ginger Switchel

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Turmeric Ginger Switchel with Honey:

Made with turmeric root, organic ginger root, local NY honey, local and organic vinegar and a dash of black pepper this delicious and healthy concentrate makes for an excellent adition to a cocktail, soda water or tea. We love it after dinner in hot water for an instant nourishing tea.


Switchel is a traditional apple cider vinegar based drink concentrate that incorporates the flavors of spicy ginger with various fruit or herbal flavors. Typically added to water or seltzer for a delicious drink, it also makes a wonderful cocktail mixer or hot toddy. Wonderful added to hot water as a stomach calming hot tea.

Flavors of Switchel:

Flavors include anti inflammatory Tumeric Ginger Honey, antiviral Elderberry Ginger Honey, and vitamin C rich Hibiscus Ginger Maple. Includes local and/or organic ingredients, made on our small organic farm in upstate NY.

250mL Amber Bottle:
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