May 15 - Formulation & Ecology & Ethics for Wildcrafters & Foragers

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May 15 - Formulation & Ecology & Ethics for Wildcrafters & Foragers

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Morning class - Formulation - 10am-11:45am

A key skill in clinical herbal work is the creation custom herbal blends for clients as well as compounds suited for treatment protocols. Formulation can be challenging but is also a creative art. This class will discuss formulation techniques using case studies as examples grounded in herbal energetics, anatomy & physiology.

- Lunch -

Afternoon class - 12:45pm-2:30pm - Ecology & Ethics for Wildcrafters & Foragers

Using ecological understanding as a framework, this class will discuss the ethical considerations involved in wild harvesting plants. We will discuss ecological principles such as mutualism, commensalism and parasitism and apply them to the relationships that plants have with the other beings that rely on them. This discussion will include humans as an element of the ecological conversation. Discussion will ask questions such as: What is my intended impact while harvesting? How can I harvest in a way that increases biodiversity? Finally, we will discuss urban crafting and the human ethics and health involved in growing and gathering plants in a city setting. Class will be lecture and discussion format followed by a plant walk and wild-crafting demo. 

Cali Janae, “Cal,” has been studying plants for their entire life. As a child they were led on plant walks by their father before they could walk on their own. Later, they formalized their passion for the natural world and living sustainably in it with a degree in Ethnobotany from Drake University. Cal then studied and apprenticed under 7Song at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine where they are currently employed. Cal practices as a botanist, herbalist and farmer in Ithaca, New York and volunteers as a clinical herbalist at the Ithaca Free Clinic. Cal maintains a strong wanderlust and rapt interest in the botanical arts and bird watching in their free time.

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