What are Weathertop Farm Shrubs and Switchel?

Shrubs are concentrates made from a combination of organic fruit, sugar, vinegar, and sometimes herbs. Switchel is similar, though it always contains lots of spicy ginger.

Sweet and tart, the vinegar and sugar balance each other to make an astonishingly good mixer!

They are used to make a variety of drinks; from adding a splash to seltzer for a homemade organic soda, to a white wine spritzer, or your favorite cocktails. In addition to the benefits of being made with organic and local ingredients, the fact that you add as much as you like is a big benefit for people who are looking to manage their sugar intake. Weathertop Farm is currently seeking new retail partners in our farm to shelf shrub revolution; contact us for more details on becoming a retail partner!


Blackberry Lavender | Strawberry Basil

 Hibiscus Ginger Maple  | Turmeric Ginger Honey

Elderberry Ginger Honey

Please contact Kate Miller at 518.935.0940 or weathertopfarmny@gmail.com for wholesale pricing and samples.