We grow a wide variety of culinary and medicinal herbs that are used to make our line of artisanal foods and natural wellness products. We grow and forage for numerous types of fruit and herbs that we then pick at the peak of ripeness and make into Fiery Cider, teas, and shrubs & switchel that we sell at local stores, markets and festivals. In 2019 we began growing CBD rich hemp and will soon be able to include that in our product line.

Our farm is certified organic, so everything we grow has been raised without chemicals or toxic sprays. We are adamantly GMO free.

Interested in plant walks or learning how to make some basic herbal preparations or soaps? Weathertop is now offering classes on herbalism and sustainable living out of our classroom on-farm.

We invite you to contact us to set up a farm visit! 

Kate Miller, owner and operator at weathertop farm, wants to live in a world where food is raised naturally and ethically.


She spends most of her days at Weathertop Farm trying to be a steward of the land, a marketing expert, public relations wiz, master gardener, herbalist, forager, delivery driver and teacher all rolled into one person.

When she’s not teaching foraging walks, brewing up new artisanal drinks or questioning her sanity, she is usually spending time with Jasper, the greatest farm dog/best friend in the world.